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Welcome to Thymari Greek restaurant!


Thymari, which means Thyme in Greek, is aptly named for this delicious cuisine which is bursting with the flavour of fresh herbs. Our authentic food comes to your plate with our unique style and contemporary twists.


As is traditional in our native Greece and Cyprus the dinner table here is a warm and inviting gathering place, where the pace is leisurely and conversation is animated.


For the full Greek experience, we offer a selection of MEZEDAKIA. These are the “tapas” of Greece, which are little plates of food, shared by all at the table. They can be eaten as an appetiser or a main course. Historically served to accompany alcoholic drinks, this style of dining not only provides the opportunity to try a variety of flavours and textures during your meal but also creates the happy and sometimes noisy atmosphere for which Greeks are well known.  These will come to the middle of the table and arrive as they are ready.


Greeks of course, are masters of charcoal-grilled food. The most popular fast food in Greece, remains to be souvlaki. At Thymari, all our main dishes are fresh from our charcoal grill. We offer a variety of high quality cheeses, meat and fish, to suit every palate.


So please sit back, relax, enjoy one of our delicious cocktails, laugh, share and enjoy eating Greek style at Thymari. Opa!

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18 Crescent West,
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